📖BookLovers: Handmade jewelry 📚 Circus X Blay 🌷

📖 We love reading , we love books and we love crafts ... 🌳🔨 out of this could only come a fascinating and exclusive collection of handmade jewelry 💍 designed by our beloved artisan Sara R. 💖

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Circus Wooden Dreams

Book Bracelet (Personalized) - Custom Handmade Jewelry - BookLovers Collection: Circus X Blay

Book Bracelet (Personalized) - Custom Handmade Jewelry - BookLovers Collection: Circus X Blay

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  • Unique collection for BookLovers 📚💕🌷📖

Think about that book that marked you for life, or that story that will live in your heart forever... "I can't get over it!"... We present our collection 📖 BookLovers: Handmade Jewelry 📚🌷 - Circus X Blay 🌹 , this collection is all about those unforgettable books, and will allow you to take a little of the magic of the stories you love with you wherever you go.

💡 Why choose our collection?

  • Technical Specifications: 💍

- Made 100% by hand, artisanal

- Unique item, made on demand, made to order, by and for you 💖

- Category: Bracelet

- Size: Choose between 4 sizes; 18, 20, 22 and 24 cm

- Metal style: Gold

- Book size: 1.7 cm height

- Customizable: Number of books

- Personalization options: Books to choose from, it can be a famous book or a book that you send us the photo

  • Pure craftsmanship: 100% handmade and custom-made item 🔨

Made with lightweight, artist-grade polymer clay and hypoallergenic stainless steel (lead, cadmium and nickel free). Each book pendant is carefully sculpted and the sides are carved to create a miniature real book appearance. The cover is printed using the highest quality photo paper and then a protective layer is added to ensure the charms are long lasting. Each book is approximately 1.7 centimeters high (0.7 inches).

  • Unique and exclusive pieces 👑

Each piece is completely UNIQUE, made to order and to order, which makes them exclusive, made especially for you! With the book you ask us for, we can make the cover of any book in any language.

  • Personalization 🎨

Tell us in the text box above exactly which book cover(s) you would like by linking to the desired book(s) (e.g. link to the book on Amazon or Goodreads . or any web page where the cover appears). cover you want).

Ex.: "Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets" (web: Amazon link or website where the cover you want appears)

It can be any book: a famous book or a book that you send us the photo or cover you want.

Another option is to send it to us by mail to the following email:


        • Wholesale purchase⚡

        We also offer this option if you need it! Are you and your friends fans of a book and do you all want to buy the same piece from our collection with the mini cover of that book that captivated you so much? Have you recently written a book and want to celebrate the release by giving a keychain, bracelet, pendant... with your own cover that everyone will fall in love with? Buy 5 units or more of any of the pieces in this collection (Booklovers: Artisanal Jewelry) and get a 10% discount on your entire order with the code: CIRCUSBLAY10

        For these cases we also offer the possibility of preparing custom packs with a selection of products and a wholesale quantity. Write to us by email and we will manage it!

        Thank you for visiting our store! 🎪

        📦 How to place an order:



        🔎 In detail!

        🎖️Quality Assurance Service:

        • Material care

        - Materials: Stainless steel, Polymer clay, Resin

        - Care: To clean them, simply use a piece of soft, damp cloth and rub it gently. Take off your jewelry when you shower or go to the pool or water. Avoid falling. Avoid using chemicals, corrosive cleaners or any toxic products.

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        Discover the magic of our CRAFTSMANSHIP 🔨💍🌷🎪

        📖 The complete collection: Handmade and custom-made jewelry 💍🔨 🌷

        📖 Our 3 passions: reading , books and crafts ... finally come together in this exclusive and fascinating collection of handmade and personalized jewelry 💍 intended for all book lovers 🌷💖

        • Unique and customizable

        • They are the perfect gift

        • They respect our planet

        • They contain the magic of your favorite book

        • Maximum quality

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        In this case, it is a handmade, on-demand, personalized product. Manufacturing time in our workshop is between 2 and 5 days, depending on the product and customization. Once we have it ready, we will send you an email informing you that we have sent the order with a tracking number (it will take between 2 and 7 days, depending on your location).

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