🌲 Welcome to Circus Wooden Dreams: Where Dreams Become Wood! 🌟

🎪 What is Circus Wooden Dreams?

Circus Wooden Dreams was born from the fusion of 3 loves: the passion for nature and wood 🌳 and the charm of puzzles 🧩. At the heart of our project lies the idea of ​​selling something more than toys; We seek to build experiences that transcend the ordinary and connect with the magic that only wood and puzzles can offer. ✨

🪚 Specialists in wooden puzzles and miniatures

We are dedicated to the sale and distribution of book nooks, puzzles, dollhouses and other wooden miniatures with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Each piece tells a story, and each story is a journey towards creativity and connection with nature . 🏞️

🪚 Crafts in workshop, with love

In the small factories of our dreamers and creators, each piece is created with care and love . We imagine and sculpt every detail with the belief that a simple puzzle can become a door to a world of possibilities. 🚪

🌿 All our puzzles are eco-friendly

Because we love our planet , our manufacturers carefully select materials that reflect our respect for nature . Every choice counts in our commitment to conscious and responsible consumption. 🌍

💫 The Mission of Circus Wooden Dreams

At Circus Wooden Dreams, we not only sell exceptional puzzles and miniatures, but we also seek to inspire people to connect with nature and art . We are deeply motivated to contribute to the well-being of the planet, and for this reason, we have established an ambitious mission for 2024. 1% of our profits will go to two NGOs committed to reforesting the Amazon and cleaning beaches in Spain and Portugal! 🌍🌱

🎭 You will be the Director of your Own Circus

Imagine the excitement of unraveling each piece of wood , as if you were the director of your own circus. Each puzzle is a meticulously carved work of art to challenge your skills and unleash your imagination . 🎨

🌍 Sustainable ARTEsanal Design

We recognize the importance of preserving forests and the environment for future generations. Committed to sustainability , all our manufacturers work with responsibly sourced wood and we encourage sustainable logging practices in our supply chain. 🌱

🧠 We Inspire Creativity and Learning

We believe in the power of puzzles to stimulate the mind and challenge the imagination. Our products are tools for learning , concentration and problem solving . We seek to inspire a passion for creative puzzle solving and promote education through play. 🧩📚

🌲 Origins: Where the Passion for Wood and Puzzles Met

Circus Wooden Dreams is not just a project, it is a journey that began with the simple but powerful passion for two things: the warm texture of wood and the intricate simplicity of puzzles . The magic of combining both elements gave life to Circus Wooden Dreams, a corner where dreams are carved in wood and creativity becomes a tangible experience. Every piece we create is a testament to our love of craftsmanship and connection to nature . Join us on this journey where wood and puzzles intertwine to create something truly special. 🌟🚀