📖BookLovers: Handmade jewelry 📚 Circus X Blay 🌷

📖 We love reading , we love books and we love crafts ... 🌳🔨 out of this could only come a fascinating collection of handmade jewelry 💍 made by our beloved artisan and designer Sara Ramalho 💖

👑 Earrings, bracelets, keychains or bookmarkers , these are just some of the personalized accessories you will find in this section.🌹

🎪 Think about that book that marked you for life, or that story that will live in your heart forever... "I can't get over it!"... We present our collection 📖 BookLovers: Handmade Jewelry 📚🌷 Circus X Blay 🌹 , this collection is all about those unforgettable books, and will allow you to take a little of the magic of the stories you love with you wherever you go...🏰

Collection: 📖 BookLovers: Handmade jewelry 📚 Circus X Blay 🌷

📖 Our 3 passions: reading , books and crafts ... finally come together in this exclusive and fascinating collection of handmade and personalized jewelry 💍 intended for all book lovers 🌷💖

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