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Circus Wooden Dreams

Memories in the sunset - Circus Puzzle MUXIC BOX

Memories in the sunset - Circus Puzzle MUXIC BOX

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📖 About our product :

Using a classic television like the old ones, as a box to create a scene of an incredible sunrise at the fair . This exquisite amusement park and circus themed music box will replicate good childhood memories, those visits to the circus or amusement park that made you feel alive!

Plus this puzzle is animated and dynamic! Contains engine, music and lights! Discover the excitement of unraveling the mystery with our 3D wooden Puzzle, a small Ferris wheel with lights and sound , a construction experience that awakens the imagination and challenges your senses. Made to the highest quality standards , this handcrafted treasure is more than just a puzzle: it is a artwork that lasts

Furthermore, our passion for sustainability It is reflected in each piece! All our products are environmentally friendly , allowing you to enjoy the excitement of assembly with a clear conscience.

And it is not only a source of entertainment, but also an impressive decoration piece that adapts to any environment! Companies, schools and small businesses They have already experienced its charm and are among our most recurring clients.


⚒️ Technical characteristics:

1. Transparent screen for luxurious texture and innovative materials.

2. Sunset effect lamp (USB).

3. Split rotary switches design for independent control of light and music


The charging port is type C, and the cable is not included in the package, you can use the mobile phone cable to charge.

💡 Why choose our product?


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  • Easy and intuitive assembly

  • They are the perfect gift

  • They respect our planet

  • They encourage creativity

  • Maximum quality

  • Promotes cognitive development

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