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Circus Wooden Dreams

Tram - Circus Ouzzle 3D PUZZLE

Tram - Circus Ouzzle 3D PUZZLE

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📖 About the product :

Relive the elegance and nostalgic charm of the streets of Porto or San Francisco with our charming classic wooden miniature tram ! This exquisite reproduction captures the historic essence and iconic beauty of these iconic modes of transportation, transporting you to a bygone era full of style and sophistication.

Whether as a charming decorative element for your home or as a nostalgic reminder of your travels, our miniature tram is the perfect gift for lovers of the city's history, architecture and culture.

Discover the magic of Porto or the charm of San Francisco with our beautiful Circus wooden miniature tram replica, where craftsmanship and history come together to create a piece of timeless and evocative beauty.

Have fun assembling all the pieces and turn it into an amazing home decor! Step aside or enjoy a ride!


⚒️ Technical characteristics:

-Product size: 287x165x247mm

-Package size: 320x238x65mm

-Difficulty: 4 stars

-Number of pieces: 374 pieces

-Single weight: 1.1 kg

Other features:

An innovative alternative energy storage system allows the tram to move and move forward a few meters with a simple winding, activated by the driving switch.

A carefully designed, gear-driven slow release mechanism is responsible for the controlled release of the watch's energy, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride for the tram.

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  • Easy and intuitive assembly

  • They are the perfect gift

  • They respect our planet

  • They encourage creativity

  • Maximum quality

  • Promotes cognitive development

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