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Circus Wooden Dreams

Geography Globe - Circus Puzzle 3D PUZZLE

Geography Globe - Circus Puzzle 3D PUZZLE

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📖 About the product :

This is a fantastic 3D wooden puzzle, shaped like a globe . It is a great educational gadget for children and adults. Put all the pieces together and learn more about the world! Its base also consists of secret drawers , where you can store everything from jewelry (if you use it as a jewelry box) to keys or other small utensils.

Many of our clients are schools, institutes, libraries or educational centers.


⚒️ Technical characteristics:

  • It consists of 567 pieces, the final size is 12.8*11.4*20.5 inches. This balloon model is definitely a challenging project for both teens and adults. Full participation of families is recommended.

  • Unlike the other globe kit we offer, this one comes with blue colored pieces instead of wood colored, it looks more real and vibrant. Great decoration for home and office.

  • At its base we also see 8 world wonders represented, which are actually secret drawers, symbolizing the great treasures of human civilization. Secret box design at the bottom, turn the wooden knob to unlock the boxes, note the matching of constellations and astrological signs.

Product Information

Piece of wood: 567;
Assembly time: approximately 8 hours.
Recommended age: 14+, children under 8 years old can complete the assembly accompanied by their parents.
Package size: 475*310*65mm

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Presentation of the package

Instructions in English + 13 pre-cut wooden sheets + sandpaper.

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  • Easy and intuitive assembly

  • They are the perfect gift

  • They respect our planet

  • They encourage creativity

  • Maximum quality

  • Promotes cognitive development

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