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Circus Wooden Dreams

Magic Piano - Circus Puzzle MUSIC BOX

Magic Piano - Circus Puzzle MUSIC BOX

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📖 About the puzzle :

Unlock the enchanting melodies of the magical world with the CIRCUS magical piano -shaped mechanical music box puzzle.


  • Charming Piano-Shaped Music Box: Elegantly hidden within the piano, a sophisticated gear drive system that arranges the keys to play independently, captivating listeners with its auto-playing melodies.
  • Captivating Movement: The true essence of this piano lies in its enchanting movement. Once fully assembled, a simple turn of the winding key sets the gears in motion.
  • Magical Musical Performance: With meticulously synchronized gears, every key is played effortlessly, creating a perfect and fascinating musical experience for everyone who listens and sees.
  • Harmonious Fusion: Blending art, precision mechanics and musical beauty, this piano embodies a harmonious fusion of creativity and engineering. Its ability to transform music into a visually captivating and melodically enchanting experience makes it a true masterpiece in the world of musical instruments.


    ⚒️ Technical characteristics:

    Product size: 140*170*125mm

    Package size: 317x233x67mm

    Stars: 4 stars

    Pieces: 223 pieces

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    The package includes important information, please keep it in good condition for future reference.
    Children must meet under the supervision of an adult, we are not responsible in case of ingestion of a piece or an accident.
    Due to customs policy, the package may not include glue, paint (in case you want to paint it) or batteries.


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    • Easy and intuitive assembly

    • They are the perfect gift

    • They respect our planet

    • They encourage creativity

    • Maximum quality

    • Promotes cognitive development

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